During visiting and using www.sundirect.lv, SIA “SPT Dizains” may receive information containing personal data:

1.1 obtaining personal data directly (name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address);

1.2 indirectly by obtaining information (for example: by using cookies and other technical means to monitor the use of www.sundirect.lv).

SIA “SPT Dizains” processes the personal data of the buyers in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act and other legal acts of the Republic of Finland, which regulate the processing and protection of personal data. When processing and storing the Buyers’ personal data, SIA “SPT Dizains” uses organizational and technical means that ensure the protection of personal data from accidental or illegal disclosure, change, as well as from any other illegal processing. By purchasing the goods offered in the online store www.sundirect.fi. The Buyer agrees and allows SIA “SPT Dizains” to register, enter, store, systematize, use and in any other way process the Buyer’s data.

2. The personal data of the Buyer, as well as the data which the Buyer will further provide to the Seller, to the extent necessary and for the following purposes:

2.1 Data processing resulting from www.sundirect.fi customer orders, contractual obligations and data processing required to enter into a relevant contract (transaction);

2.2 Data is necessary for the identification and accounting of Buyers;

2.3 Data is required for sending commercial communications (e-mail and / or SMS);

2.4 The data is necessary to ensure the fulfillment of other obligations arising from contractual obligations or from the concluded agreements (transactions).

3. SIA “SPT Dizains” ensures the protection and security of the Buyers’ personal data, their non-distribution to third parties, insofar as it is determined by the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act and other legal acts of the Republic of Finland regulating the processing and protection of personal data.

4. The buyer has the right to receive the following information upon a reasoned request in writing:

4.1 What information about the Buyer has been obtained, the source of data acquisition, when the information included in the data has been changed (if the regulatory enactments allow it);

4.2 For what purpose the processing of personal data was performed, information on the recipients of personal data;

4.3 Information on whether the data have been processed automatically.

Buyers’ personal data will be stored for no longer than required by law. The buyer can request the deletion of his data at any time.