Infrared Towel Dryer GD800-PLUS (WHITE) (2 RAILS)


Power: 800 w
Temperature: 85-95°C
Size: 70*130 cm
Heating area: 8-16 m²
Installation: wall
Built-in thermostat receiver


Infrared Towel Dryer GD800-PLUS (WHITE) (2 RAILS)

Infrared Towel Dryer GD800-PLUS (WHITE) (2 RAILS) infrared panel heater offers an elegant design with a white or black glass surface and, together with the optional towel rails, can also be used as a towel warmer. This series is equipped with an easy-to-install mounting solution for easy and safe installation.

The Sundirect GD-Plus series is made from high-quality safety ceramic glass combining sophisticated design with optimum heating performance. The nature of ceramic glass allows more infrared rays to pass through compared to regular safety glass. It is available in black and super white which is a true white. This infrared glass heater has IP44 protection class making it suitable to use in bathrooms. Together with our towel rail, this glass infrared heating panel can optionally be used as a towel dryer.

This glass infrared heating panel has a silicon wire heating element that has a heat resistance of up to 200° C resulting in increased durability. The heating element is highly isolated making it very safe. The GD-series glass infrared panel heater is insulated with two layers of high-temperature fibreglass for minimum heat loss towards the backside. The polished steel reflector optimises the heating performance by reflecting the infrared rays to the front. The GD-Plus series comes with our Easy-Fit mounting solution that ensures easy and secure mounting.

All controls are covered with a 2-year warranty and the panels with a 5-year warranty.

Sundirect Infrared Panels

Sundirect Infrared Panels are the best heating solution for your home, they will help you and your family stay warm without the great expense. Infrared heaters are considered the best energy-efficient heating solutions. They don’t waste energy, and heat is not retained in the air, but in the structure of a living space, which allows infrared heaters to maintain a comfortable temperature. An infrared panel will help you achieve a healthy heat at an affordable price. Sundirect panels are a 100% safe and healthy heating system option that does not produce any carbon monoxide. You can mount your innovative heating panel on a wall or ceiling, therefore, saving floor space. Full control of your indoor or outdoor infrared heating system is available with Wi-Fi capability. These quality heating panels have health benefits and perfectly fit in yoga studios, homes, or any other residential or commercial properties.


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Sundirect Technology


GD800-Plus (White)


Infrared towel rail GD800-Plus (White) (2 rails)


800 W


220-240V, ~ 50Hz


85-95 ° C


70 * 130 cm

Heating area:

8-16 m²




24.1 kg

Cable length:

1.9 m

Energy efficiency:

up to 95%


up to 60%

Protection class: