Portable Tower PRO Wi-Fi infrared heater


Power: 1000 w
Size: 34 * 34 * 125 cm
Heating area: 10-20 m²
270 ° heating mode
Movable with wheels
Control: Manual / Wi-Fi / Voice


Portable Tower PRO Wi-Fi infrared heater

Portable Tower PRO Wi-Fi infrared heater is a portable Wifi-enabled infrared heater. The Tower1000-Pro is one of the best smart portable heaters in the market. It offers an elegant and modern design as well as a smart heating control solution with a glass surface touchscreen on the top of the heater. Its 3 heating element design allows you to heat a room in a 270degrees mode. It’s modern and clean design matches any type of room interior making it a design element of the room. Equipped with rolls it is easy to move around depending on where you want to get cozy. Tower1000-Pro works with the Sundirect Smart App featuring a wide array of smart settings and can be voice-controlled via Alexa or Google Home.

Sundirect offers a 5 years product warranty on Tower1000-Pro.

Sundirect Infrared Panels

Sundirect Infrared Panels are the best heating solution for your home, they will help you and your family stay warm without the great expense. Infrared heaters are considered the best energy-efficient heating solutions. They don’t waste energy, and heat is not retained in the air, but in the structure of a living space, which allows infrared heaters to maintain a comfortable temperature. An infrared panel will help you achieve a healthy heat at an affordable price. Sundirect panels are a 100% safe and healthy heating system option that does not produce any carbon monoxide. You can mount your innovative heating panel on a wall or ceiling, therefore, saving floor space. Full control of your indoor or outdoor infrared heating system is available with Wi-Fi capability. These quality heating panels have health benefits and perfectly fit in yoga studios, homes, or any other residential or commercial properties.


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Sundirect Technology




portable Tower PRO Wi-Fi infrared heater


1000 W


220-240V, ~ 50Hz


85-95 ° C


34 * 34 * 125 cm

Heating area:

10-20 m²




19 kg

Cable length:

1.9 m

Energy efficiency:

up to 95%


up to 60%

Protection class: