Frameless Infrared Heater IC400-Plus Sundirect


Power: 400 w
Temperature: 85-95°C
Size: 60*60 cm
Heating area: 3-7 m²
Installation: wall / ceiling
Built-in thermostat receiver


Frameless infrared heater IC400-Plus Sundirect

Frameless Infrared Heater IC400-Plus Sundirect with easy installation is easy to install on walls and ceilings. The IC Plus series infrared panel heater offers the highest performance with a double insulation layer on the back of the infrared panel, while offering a perfect design.

The Sundirect IC-Plus series is a premium version infrared heating panel. The white aluminum powder coated surface and smooth corner finish create an elegant design that perfectly integrates into any room interior.

This frameless infrared panel heater comes with our Easy-Fit mounting solution that ensures easy and secure mounting on walls and ceilings using its unique bracket. You don’t need any additional accessories for mounting the panel on the wall or ceiling. Equipped with our built-in thermostat receiver it can communicate with our Smart heating control systems. There is no need for a box or plug receiver anymore creating a cleaner and more appealing look.

The special panel design ensures an even heat distribution throughout the entire panel surface up to the edges. This makes it one of the highest efficient frameless infrared panel heaters in the market. This infrared heating panel has a silicon wire heating element that has a heat resistance of up to 200° C resulting in increased durability.

The heating element is highly isolated making it very safe. The IC-series infrared heating panel is insulated with two layers of high-temperature fibreglass for minimum heat loss towards the backside. The polished steel reflector optimises the heating performance by reflecting the infrared rays to the front. The layers of this infrared heater are bonded by rivets for maximum safety. The IC-Plus series has protection class IPX2 and is not suitable for use in humid rooms.

All controls are covered with a 2-year warranty and the panels with a 5-year warranty.


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Sundirect Technology




frameless infrared heater IC400-Plus


400 W


220-240V, ~ 50Hz


85-95 ° C


60 * 60 cm

Heating area:

3-7 m²


wall / ceiling


8 kg

Cable length:

1.9 m

Energy efficiency:

up to 95%


up to 60%

Protection class: